• 41/23 Doan Trong Truyen St., group 1, Phu Loc town, Hue, Vietnam
  • (+84 234) 3 681 688 – (+84 234) 3 819 397

Vedanā Lagoon Resort & Spa offers a new concept with stylish interior decoration on an area of 27 hectares of undulating land and lagoon surface in a calm and picturesque landscape. With 92 luxury rooms/ villas and bungalows with 142 bedrooms, the resort is as warm and inviting as it is fresh and full of vision. each of the villas and bungalows are individualized and have their own private sundeck, and a balcony that leads out onto the immense lagoon or into a private garden. the highlight of this resort is the first over-water bungalows in Vietnam. the essence of  Vedanā Lagoon Resort & Spa flows into the wellness experience…

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