Vedanā lagoon resort & spa is nestled on the shore of a peaceful and serene lagoon, with stunning views across one of the largest lagoons in southeast asia. It lies between two cities which are well-known as world heritage sites: hue and hoi an. The resort embodies the subtle connection of modern art concept and high-end lifestyle.

Vedanā lagoon resort & spa offers a new concept with stylish interior decoration on an area of 27 hectares of undulating land and lagoon surface in a calm and picturesque landscape. With 92 luxury rooms/ villas and bungalows with 142 bedrooms, the resort is as warm and inviting as it is fresh and full of vision. Each of the villas and bungalows are individualized and have their own private sundeck, and a balcony that leads out onto the immense lagoon or into a private garden. The highlight of the resort is the first over-water bungalows in vietnam. The essence of  vedanā lagoon resort & spa flows into the wellness experience.

The nearest airport is hue airport – just 30 minutes away, whilst danang international airport is 60 minutes by car.

The resort is 45 minutes from hue city center,  60 minutes from danang city center and 25 minutes from lang co by car.

Unwind with delicious dishes in the horizon restaurant, the lantern restaurant and the twilight experience, or enjoy famous spirits in the cape bar. Vedanā lagoon resort &spa will bring you an exquisite dining experience.

Vedanā wellness at  vedanā lagoon resort & spa blends ancient traditional healing wisdom from the east with therapies from the west. Tai chi or yoga classes help you find balance and peace in your mind and soul. A private or group class is provided upon request.

Aqua Bungalow boat view Vedana Lagoon resort & spa


Located near the north central coast of vietnam, by the banks of the perfume river, the city of hue is the cultural, religious and historical heart of the country. It became the imperial capital of the nguyen dynasty, when vietnam unified after 300 years of chinese influence in 1802. The imperial citadel was erected as a ‘forbidden city’ which inner enclosure was exclusive to the royal family. Hue remained the capital until 1945 when emperor bao dai abdicated.

Because of its strategic location near the north and south vietnam border, the town suffered particularly during the war’s tet offensive in 1968. Considerable efforts have been made to restore its many historical landmarks.

The richness of the inherited royal lifestyle and traditions, including fashion, gastronomy and the arts can be felt in everyday life, making hue a unique place to experience. The national dress for women, ao dai, takes its origin in town. The architecture and craftsmanship culture is celebrated, both in its historical and modern forms. Additional to the famous imperial citadel, the city’s highlights include the eclectic royal tombs and atmospheric pagodas (please refer to our private tours offer for more information).

With such a heritage to honour, education is paramount; the city has one of the oldest and most prestigious high school in the country, along with esteemed medical and arts universities and institutions.

The local features wouldn’t be complete without the renowned local food. With popular dishes ranging from luxurious to rustic, hue’s cuisine is often considered the best in the nation (hue’s specialties are proudly served at our restaurants).

Last but not least, the people of hue are what truly make the trip special. They are welcoming, proud of their heritage yet looking at the future. The tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere gives time a special quality, making it a perfect place to relax.


Nestled along the shores of a secluded, peaceful and serene lagoon, surrounded in lushly forested peaks. Vedana resort & spa is well placed, offering isolated appeal and stunning views across a vast immense lagoon, one of the largest in south east asia. The resort lies between two cities well-known for their world heritage listed sites: hue and hoi an. Spread over 27-hectares ensuring privacy exclusivity and above all a picturesque landscape of calm and peace.

Distance to resort by car by plane
From Pilgrimage village – boutique resort & spa 40 km, 45 minutes
From Hue airport 25km, 30 minutes
From Hue city center 38 km, 45 minutes
From Danang airport/ Danang city centre  60 km, 60 minutes
From Hoi An  90 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes
From Ho chi minh to Hue or Danang airport 1 hour and 15 minutes
From Hanoi to Hue or Danang airport 1 hour and 10 minutes
From Tu Hieu pagoda – a buddhist monastery (associated with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh) 39 km , 50 minute by car

Some drivers may not know our resort’s name in english, so we recommend you to print out this instruction and show to your driver. Click here to print out the map

Vedana Lagoon Resort offers daily complimentary shuttle bus to/from Hue City and Canh Duong beach for in house guest. Check-in & check-out by shuttle bus are not applicable. Kindly inform the property at least 12 hours in advance if you wish to make use of this service.

Hue shuttle bus schedule:
Departure from resort – 09:30

Bus stop 1: Tropical Garden restaurant. Bus stops here then continue to the Citadel

Bus stop 2: Citadel
Departure from Tropical Garden restaurant – 27 Chu Van An street, Hue, Vietnam – 15:30

Beach shuttle bus schedule:
Departure from resort – 10:30
Departure from Canh Duong beach – 14:00

Vedanā lagoon resort & spa
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Tel: +(84 234) 3 681 688 - sales: +(84 234) 3 819 397