Local Art & Handicraft

Local art handicraft Pilgrimage Village painting

From an early age and before managing hospitality projects, Le Van Truong became a passionate art collector, honoring Vietnamese art in different forms. Pilgrimage Village was first a handicraft centre and art gallery before growing as a resort. Art is everywhere in the facilities, whether in the public spaces, indoor, outdoor and in every room.

The original traditional Hue square structures that were there from the start now house the art gallery and the souvenir shops.

Every now and then a different artist is celebrated in the art gallery.

We are excited to introduce you to contemporary Vietnamese artists such as Pham Hoang Anh, who is also a professor at the prestigious University of fine Arts in Hue.

We take pride in introducing our guests to the variety and quality of Vietnamese handicrafts.

Nestled in the traditional Hue structures at the entrance of the resort, two dedicated shops offer plenty of opportunities to find something to bring back to your home place.